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Terms And Conditions - Internet Roaming (DIALUP,WIFI,ETHERNET)

1. Authorization and Credit Card Payments
1.1 The customer hereby requests international telecommunications and Internet access from Tempest Telecommunications. (TEMPEST TELECOM) If the service is granted, customer Authorizes Tempest Telecommunications at its discretion to charge the indicated credit card for all usage.
1.2 The customer acknowledges and understands that the same terms and conditions normally governing the use of the credit card apply to this use as well.
1.3 Customer authorizes Tempest Telecommunications and its agents to perform credit checks or examine financial information submitted to Tempest Telecommunications, where permitted.
1.4 The customer by acknowledging this agreement represents that they have the authority to request Tempest Telecommunications service(s) for the customer and that she or he understands rates are subject to change with out notice. Customer hereby agrees to Tempest telecommunication's Terms and Conditions of Services, listed below.
1.5 In the event that a customer's credit card is declined. Customer agrees to provide a valid credit card to pay off any outstanding balance. In the event a credit card is declined, Customers who have established an account with a credit card, agree to provide another valid card, otherwise they agree to a $20 handling charge for any alternative payment methods.
1.6 Unpaid balances are subject to a monthly finance charge of 1.5% (18% per annum)
2. Availability
2.1 Tempest Telecom provides its services through state of the art equipment designed to provide fast and reliable service however it makes no implicit guarantee of availability of service.
3. Service
3.1 By signing up for Tempest Telecom access customer expects dial-up, WIFI, or hotel Internet access billed at a per unit of time rate either per minute or per day. With any unlimited plan the customer can expect a monthly fee in exchange for elimination of timed rates.
3.2 Tempest Telecom is only responsible for providing the PPP access once the customer has configured their machine to dial-in.
3.3 Information about configuration issues is addressed at In the event that the customer does need support the customer may receive limited support using Tempest Telecom 's 888 number. Support is not guaranteed.
3.4 Access numbers are officially listed at All numbers are subject to change.
4. Pricing
4.1 Rates are listed on the Tempest Telecom website. Rates can change and the customer is responsible for familiarizing themselves with the per-minute and monthly charges. Tempest Telecom will only charge for usage on a per second basis and does not round up to a full minute. Tempest Telecom will not charge any other fees besides those listed on the website. Changes to this policy can only be made through written notice to the customer.
5. Billing
5.1 Customer is responsible for providing and maintaining a valid credit card.
5.2 Customer takes full responsibility for debts accrued through usage of Tempest Telecom.
5.3 Tempest Telecom does not grant a right of resale unless specifically authorized. Customers may not resell or redistribute ANY of Tempest Telecom services.
5.4 Content Responsibility. Customer acknowledges and agrees that neither Tempest Telecom nor its network services supplier is responsible for the content of the transmissions by the customer, which may pass through the Network.
6. Legal Usage
6.1 End User agrees to take necessary steps to ensure that it will NOT use Tempest Telecom or Tempest Telecom's Network Services Supplier for ANY illegal purposes including but not limited to: transmission of threatening, obscene or harassing materials; or to interfere with or disrupt the Tempest Telecom Network. Disruptions include but are not limited to: chain letters, mass mailings of unsolicited Email (spamming), propagating computer worms and viruses, or using the Tempest Telecom network to illegally enter another computer or machine on the network. Violation of the foregoing will result in termination of the user account of the offending party or parties. Customer will take full legal and monetary responsibility for violation of these rules.
7. Customer Responsibilities
7.1 Each Tempest Telecom Account is for one user only. It is therefore the customer's responsibility to keep their account number and PIN secret. Tempest Telecom encourages companies to set up individual accounts for each user, by sharing usernames and passwords the customer may not receive refunds for fraudulent usage.
8. Warranties / Refunds
8.1 Tempest Telecom provides access hereunder strictly on an "AS IS" and "AS AVAILABLE" basis without an express guarantee or assurance of access quality, reliability, or functionality. Tempest Telecom disclaims all express and implied warranties.
8.2 Tempest Telecom may not be available in certain location during peak hours and makes no such claims to reliability under and locations. Tempest Telecom will not be responsible for any damage incurred by the user for inability to use Tempest Telecom at anytime.
8.3 Tempest Telecom is not responsible for damage caused to a users machine, device, software or property by unauthorized access while using Tempest Telecom .
8.4 Tempest Telecommunications will issue refunds only in the event of errors in billing. Tempest Telecommunications will not make refunds in the case of fraud where more than one user is using a single account. Again please do not share accounts, set up additional accounts at no charge.
9. Term
9.1 The term of this contract is indefinite of until it is terminated according to the rules of section 10 of this contract.
9.2 All unlimited WIFI+ Plans, the customer agrees to pay the monthly fee for a 1 year minimum. Customer may cancel after a 1 year term.
10. Termination
10.1 Accounts may be terminated for the following reasons: By the customer via written statement or oral authorization, due to non-payment, violation of the terms of this contract, or suspicion of fraud. Termination does not eliminate customers obligation to pay any outstanding usage fees or remaining monthly fees.
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