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Wi-Fi Internet Access in Jamaica

Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity / 802.11) is a high speed wireless service that allows our users to connect at hotspots around the globe. Currently we offer service in over 1 hotspots in Jamaica. These hotspots will allow users to connect at broadband speeds of up to 10 Mbps. This is a speed roughly 20-30 times as fast as dial-up.

Tempest hotspots are found everywhere that people travel around the globe, from Airports, train stations, to major hotels, even at local coffee shops.

Safety and Security

All of our hotspots are secure and safe to use. You must be careful when traveling and connecting to publicly accessible networks. Some networks use weak or no security at all. With Tempest Telecom's Wi-Fi offering, all sessions are encrypted from your laptop over the air and to the hotspot router, allowing your data to be sent safely and securely.

Cost Effective and Confidence

Additionally, there are potential security threats to using your credit card in an open environment and giving your details to multiple network providers means your payment details have greater potential to be misused. This is the last thing you want when you are on the road. Our WiFi service costs just $19.95 per day in Jamaica for unlimited access from any Hotspot in the region. This means you can connect at the hotel, the airport and any other location for 1 price.

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