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Portable Satellite Internet Service in Jamaica

We currently offer 2 separate portable Satellite Internet services that allow you to connect to the Internet while traveling to Jamaica:

  • Bgan
  • Iridium

Please examine each service to find the solution that fits your requirements and budget.

Broadband Global Area Network (BGAN) Service in Jamaica

Bgan is the World's most sophisticated satellite Internet service. Bgan uses a variety of small lightweight portable satellite terminals which allow travelers and remote users to connect to the internet in places like Jamaica without the need of infrastructure such as phone lines, cellular networks or Wi-Fi hotspots. With Bgan you just take out you small portable modem and point it to the sky to connect at speeds of up to 492 Kbps.

Purchase Bgan for use in Jamaica

There are a variety of terminals available for usage with the Bgan network. Each terminal has different specifications such size, weight and connection speed. You should consider each terminal as well as a variety of service plans that will meet your needs.

Learn More about Purchasing Bgan Satellite Internet for usage in Jamaica

Rent Bgan for use in Jamaica

We also offer short term rental of Bgan equipment for users who are traveling to Jamaica on a short term basis and do not wish to purchase equipment and a plan.

Learn More about Renting Bgan Satellite Internet for usage in Jamaica

Iridium Data Service in Jamaica

Iridium data is available everywhere on the planet including Jamaica. Iridium uses a low earth orbit satellite connection, so unlike other solutions there is no need to align the atennea with the satellite in order to connect. You simply need to have the antenna outside and up.

Iridium is not as fast as other Satellite Internet connections, connecting at only 9Kbps. Therefore it is not ideal for web-surfing but can definitely be a great solution for SMS and Email. In fact, we offer a free email package which is optimized for sending and receiving data via the Iridium network using the lowest amount of bandwidth.

This easy to use data kit includes everything you need to attach your laptop or PDA to an Iridium telephone, and the software and drivers to connect to the Internet.

Click here for More Info on Iridium Satellite Internet in Jamaica

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